Another MIS in EFI’s crown: printLEADER

Print MIS workflow

EFI, a world leader in digital printing innovation, announced that it has acquired the assets of privately held printLEADER. printLEADER, with headquarters in Palm City, Florida, is a provider of print MIS (management information systems) software products for the printing industry.

EFI’s Technique Print MIS thrives

Print MIS workflow

In November of last year, EFI acquired Technique, the British company that developed the printing MIS with the same name. While EFI did acquire all of Technique’s print MIS tools, it has left the products more or less as they are, only taking care of an integrated workflow with their Fiery digital front-end and inkjet portfolio including VUTEk, Jetrion and wide format devices. But what exactly is Technique, and how does it compare to for example EFI’s Monarch?

Publishing workflow efficiency depends on more than software alone

When we discuss workflow efficiency we tend to focus heavily on technology, the products and systems used. But perhaps we focus too heavily on the technology and too little on human factors. Here's a true story of how both technology choice and human factors can create an environment that hinders the workflow so much it […]