The role of ink in the quality equation

When you hear EFI large-format users describe the rigorous process they’ve employed when selecting a new printer, they talk about print speed, output quality, media flexibility, colour-management software and environmental benefits, but seldom do you hear anyone talk about the ink…as if it made little or no difference to the final outcome…when in fact, it makes all the difference.

Xerox’s Confident Color said to ensure finished product meets customers’ demands

Confident Color, Xerox says, takes the uncertainty out of colour management, so repeatable, consistent colour can be achieved quickly and easily. Very important is that Xerox realizes this can’t be done with technology alone, and therefore added to the program consulting, business development, partner services and custom solutions.

HP chooses X-Rite i1Profiler to create ICC profiles for Scitex wide-format printers

Through the licensing agreement with X-Rite, HP’s support and engineering teams will be equipped with i1Profiler software and i1Pro spectrophotometers to create standard ICC profiles to embed into all HP Scitex printers and to additionally provide their customers with custom ICC profiles needed for their specific wide-format color-critical production environments.

Review: X-Rite i1Publish


X-Rite released its i1Publish range of colour management products as an upgrade to all of its previous software solutions, such as MonacoProfiler and ProfileMaker. The new system is a break with the past, though, and after having tested the software I cannot but conclude it’s not always a successful break at that.

Review: Phantasm CS 2 Publisher

Swap channels

Designers often use Illustrator to create brochures and other n-colour printable media. It is useful and efficiency boosting to see how a design will perform on its output medium, and have the ability to control things like Total Area Coverage (TAC) and separations.

Computer to Plate: an overview

Printing plates have a bad reputation: people easily get caught in an environmentally inspired discussion of which most is history. Dangerous substance handling, delicate processing and other horror stories are mostly a thing of the past. As much anything else, plates have become “digital”. We got the chance to visit the Agfa headquarters. Agfa is one of the world’s biggest plate manufacturers and a market leader of Computer to Plate (CtP) solutions and supplies.