Fiery XF 5 workflow RIP delivers

Fiery XF Version 5 is a flexible and scalable high-speed RIP and colour management workflow for wide- to superwide-format production, with customizable automated workflows from job creation to printing and verification. It didn’t merit a “Perfect” label, but it’s powerful and highly performing nevertheless.

Accurate colour management demands measurement and advanced spot- and process-colour optimisation. Fiery XF is fully compliant with the latest ISO, G7 or Fogra PSD standards, and to minimise the differences between X-Rite measurement devices and ensure highest data exchange quality, all X-Rite and EFI devices make use of the new XRGA standard. Implementation of M0, M1 (D50) and M2 (UV cut) measurement modes allows ISO 13655-compliant measurements for the best colour match under the latest industry-standard viewing conditions. Fiery XF 5 also comes with a new “Ambient Light Adaption” algorithm, which should offer a perfect match in the final viewing environment.

Automated workflows eliminate touch points and remove the need for manual job submission, saving operators time and reducing error rates. A fully customisable user interface allows you to tailor the application to each operator’s tasks and skill set.

The Fiery XF print driver technology eliminates artifacts and ensures smooth and consistent quality for fine art production and high-end prints on more than 450 supported printers. Additionally, Fiery XF supports more than 1,200 cutting devices and router tables and seamlessly connects to EFI MIS solutions, including the new Technique MIS, via JDF.

Fiery XF also supports the latest technologies for streamlining and enhancing workflow communication, including Adobe PDF Print Engine V2.6 to ensure direct rendering of PDF files without intermediate conversion to PostScript. The integration ensures that you have correct interpretation of any effect or element that is applied to the PDF at a design level, saving time and greatly reducing scrap and production errors.

In addition, downloadable default media profiles and pre-installed workflows/presets make it easier to create automated workflows. Effective, wizard-driven colour tools provide optimal colour results quickly and easily.