Agfa Graphics to launch :Apogee StoreFront, cloud-based e-commerce solution for Print service Providers

Agfa Graphics announced the launch of :Apogee StoreFront, the new cloud-based software solution that gives print service providers the ability to market their services and products using the internet.

This web-to-print solution makes it easy to set up online stores for both printed and non-printed products. The solution can either be used for B2B communications with customers or to set up public storefronts that target a much wider audience.

The Online Editor in :Apogee StoreFront lets print buyers design or edit their own documents. Occasional users will appreciate the easy-to-use forms that allow them to personalize pre-defined business cards, letterhead or other business documents. Power users will like the advanced editing capabilities for creating or adapting visually rich, multi-page publications. With the Online Editor, printers offer their customers an innovative way of creating personalized print.

:Apogee StoreFront is launched at drupa 2012 and integrates seamlessly with :Apogee Prepress 8, also launched at drupa. Print orders from web shops can be processed by any of the 8000 :Apogee Prepress systems deployed worldwide. :Apogee Prepress 8 automatically downloads and processes orders from :Apogee StoreFront.